Geiger Counter Local Server—Serial Port Communication Solution

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The Geiger counter calculates the radiationintensity and sends the data through the serial port, and the upper computer(PC or Raspberry Pi) runs the python program to read the serial port data anddraw it in the graph. Communication through the computer's USB port. Thissolution can be used when the number of nuclear radiation sensors (Geigercounters) is small, such as 1 to 5, and the data processing requirements couldbe also relatively simple. When the number of sensors is relatively large, youcan consider using the form of 485 bus (using Modbus-RTU protocol). ThisModbus-RTU communication will be described in another article.

Material list:

1) Geiger counter (with Arduino nano)

2) Computer (or Raspberry Pi)


Arduino Code: Geiger_Counter_serial.ino

Python Code:

Step 1:

DownloadArduino Code: Geiger_Counter_serial.ino

In thisapplication we are using lib   LiquidCrystal_I2C and MsTimer2 , whichcould be installed through Arduino Lib.

Step 2:

Running on upper computer, the libs whichshould be installed properly before the scripts could run

Such as: matplotlib, numpy , serial

Then you could seeas figure 6 shows.

Codes could be downloaded here:

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