10 Reasons to Buy a Geiger Counter

Today I was given the odd task (as an intern working with our editorial staff) of making a list of 10 reasons I would buy a geiger counter.   Random I know; but here I go.

 1      Purchasing – I would love to have a Geiger counter to test some of my potential purchases before I buy them, for example granite or tile.    Knowing ahead of time if these items I am bringing into my home are safe would be amazing.

     Decision Support – Also along the lines of purchasing, it would be great to have a geiger counter so I could determine between two potential purchases that I like, which has less radiation.  The item with less radiation would be the one I would end up buying

3      Travel –   Having a portable Geiger counter would be amazing on trips.  Especially to places like Japan or Nevada, where they have had high levels of radiation in the past and possibly still do.  I want to keep myself and my loved ones healthy where ever we are.

4      Preparedness – We all talk about how important it is to have a fire extinguisher, Carbon Monoxide detector, smoke detector.  Why not a Radiation detector?  Being that radiation is invisible and odorless I almost think it is more important than a smoke detector because we can both see and smell smoke.

5      Knowledge – It would be nice to just know in general what the levels are in my home.  But going even further, my environment and the world.  I would love to test regularly the levels at my beloved coast.

6      Truth – It seems that the government and even the media are not always truthful in their reporting to the general public, or maybe they are just very selective in what they report?  Either way I would love to be able to have my own information that I have collected without worrying about whether the information I am getting is correct or if it has been filtered.

7      Safety – I think knowing that the geiger counter is running and is going to alert me (much like my fire alarm) that there is a high level of radiation in my environment gives me peace of mind and will only help me sleep more soundly.

8      Science – I would love to have one around for my kids so they could learn more about it and experiment with it.  Ultimately it would be nice to discover someone has a thirst for scientific knowledge while learning to be safe at the same time.

9      Help – If I had a Geiger counter I would love to help out people who may be concerned with a potential radioactive source in their world.  I would love to help save a life or lives If I could.

10   Popularity – HA! No one else I know has a Geiger counter!  I would be the first and the coolest of all.  People could be jealous of me for a change and I could start a new trend.

– Lorie